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Designed for individuals and companies alike, ELISA is a brand new, modern and intuitive method of logging, tracking and proving your aviation technical experience. Whether you're an Unlicensed Technician, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, CAMO/Tech Services/MOC Engineer or even Aviation Technical Instructor, ELISA has got you covered.

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Get your work done
in minutes with ELISA

The work is not finished until the paperwork is completed. And completing paperwork has never been faster. Just open your mobile app, click on the NEW TASK, enter the data and save.

ELISA offers numerous
filter options for export

Avoid lengthy search and scanning of a paper logbook. ELISA offers numerous options to filter out specific experience on a specific aircraft type for a specific time frame. Simply enter your own dates or use predetermined time options for quick selection and export according to EASA „6 months experience in the preceding 2 years“. Print the document or send it via email to your supervisor for signing.

Keep track of your
Training and
Employment Records

Enter your Personal Info and keep track of your Training and Employment Records for a quick access, review and confirmation of your experience.


AME Logbook

Unlike hard copy versions of various Logbooks on the market, current format of ELISA's AME Logbook aims to provide a methodical way of recording current work experience for users at any skill level, from a trainee to a multi-licensed engineer.

It was specifically designed with different nature of employment in mind, both permanent staff and contractors, i.e. each task entry is completely independent from the previous one and can be on a different aircraft/engine type, using a different skill level or license category and within a different MRO

Data recorded with ELISA enable quick and accurate review and assessment of User's skill level and experience

This data can be easily accessed by the User, exported and printed to support User's application for issuance or amendment of Aircraft Maintenance License and to demonstrate User's six months of maintenance experience in preceding two years

Design and contents of AME Logbook meet or exceed current regulatory requirements detailed in EASA AMC 66.A.20(b)2.

ELISA's AME Logbook supports recording of experience from different aircraft maintenance environments such as:

  • Line Maintenance
  • Base Maintenance
  • CAMO/Engineering
  • Shops
AME Logbook

Instructor Logbook

Up until now, there was no genuine, widely accepted method of logging experience for Aviation Technical Instructors and Examiners. This is where ELISA moves boundaries and sets new standards. Completely new to the market, ELISA's Instructor Logbook allows recording of the wide variety of instruction tasks in different aircraft maintenance settings. From Basic Training instruction to Type Training instruction, theory or practical, Structured On Job Training mentoring or even non-Part 147 training like EWIS, HF, FTS, SMS... Regardless of what you specialize in as an instructor, now you have systematic method of recording your experience.

Following the same principal as AME Logbook, entries in the Instructor Logbook are completely independent from the previous ones and can reflect different nature of employment (permanent or contractor), different type of instruction (Basic Training, Type Training, non Part 147...) and within a different Training Organization.

Again, all the data can easily be filtered, exported and printed as a proof of User's experience

AME Logbook

Export options

One of the essential tools ELISA has to offer is the Export section of your Logbooks. As the printed and signed pages of your Logbook are still a standard requirement by all Civil Aviation Authorities, ELISA's powerful export tool allows you to email, print or save your logbook on your phone.

In addition, ELISA will allow you to filter out the experience in a specific time period and/or on specific aircraft type, using only a certain license (for multi-licensed engineers). This is very helpful if you want to prove at least 6 months in the past 2 years of experience on a certain aircraft type.

Need to apply for an AME License issue or amendment? No problem... Just print your whole logbook or the last 5 years

Possibilities are endless with ELISA

AME Logbook

Training and employment

Two of the most important parts of ELISA's database will be your Training Record and Employment Record. Although not mandatory, updating these Records in less than a minute, will open ELISA's full potential to you as a User, giving you the access to a Job Search option and Training Search option. These two Records also have upload functions for your certificates to keep them safe.

Not sure when your EWIS, FTS and HF certificates expire? Not a problem... Upload your certificates to a server, set the expiry date of your mandatory HF, EWIS and FTS certificates and ELISA will remind you a month before the expiry to keep you legal.

AME Logbook

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